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hello, i'm known as mio and i adore chick books. i've read shopaholic(confessions) and ties the knot, my school library only has two copies of takes manhatten so im waiting for it. My public library never has it in, some people are still on the wait list. I love to read and right now im catching up on my harry potter thoughts...

  I recently took a trip to chapters and ended up writing down the names of a few teenage real life books like "the clique", "angels in pink", and "rhymes with witches*". There were a few more too ahm but i don't remeber the titles. i anyone has read these books can you send me some reviews or your thoughts, i would prefer if you were 14-16. I'm trying to get the highschool readers view. I'm going to highschool next year and im making a list of books to read throughout.
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