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Hi guys

hey everyone!
my name is nina and i'm pretty much a new user to the whole livejournal thing but i saw your forum and i loved it. i think some of my favorite books are

-Harry Potter Books 1-5
-Shopaholic+Shopaholic takes Manhattan
(i just finished reading the new Shopaholic and sister book and i was kind of disappointed at the beginning, but once i finished it it turned out okay. it's a cute book and if you like the series you'll like it)
-Jane Green books (i luv them all)
-Angels (marian keyes)
-Can you keep a secret
-Bet me
-Amelia atwater-rhodes books ( okay so i know i'm totally way to old to read these books but i got hooked in high school and i can't resist buying her new's my guilty pleasure :-)
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